About Us …

Our Farm

 * Two person farm.  Full time farmers.  We strive to be as small as possible while still making a living.

 * Three acres under cultivation, and three acres in a cover crop fallow.

 * We are passionate about creating a biologically diverse agricultural system that protects nature rather than harming it.  We strive to replenish the land for future generations.

 * Use only certified organic pest control methods.  We do not use any herbicides or chemical pesticides.

 * Employ crop rotations for disease prevention and soil health. 

 * Plant cover crops to prevent erosion, control weeds, and build soil fertility.  Healthy soil is the heart of our operation.  We use few external inputs.

 * Plant certified organic seed whenever it is available.

 * Devote more than 70% of our land to wildlife habitat and native ecosystem restoration.

The Farmers

Emily Oakley and Michael Appel own and operate Three Springs Farm.

Emily was born and raised in Tulsa, and Mike is originally from Long Island, New York.  Together they have traveled around the world to study sustainable agricultural systems.  Before starting Three Springs Farm, Mike and Emily worked with a community gardening non-profit in Rhode Island and interned at Full Belly Farm in California.  Emily received a Masters in International Agricultural Development from UC Davis while Mike was the CSA manager at Eatwell Farm. In 2003, they moved to Oklahoma to start a small-scale diverse vegetable farm.  Emily is interested in agrobiodiversity and the role of women in farming.  Mike is passionate about the social issues surrounding food systems.  They use time in the winter to participate in farmer-to-farmer exchanges with other growers around the world and to work on agricultural and environmental issues.  They have served on the boards of directors for a number of local and national non-profits.  Emily served as a farmer representative on the USDA’s National Organic Standards Board from 2016 to 2021.